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Study on Ultramicro Powder Fruit Wine of Pitaya Fruit and Carrot

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DOI: 10.25236/isbsbh.2020.015


Chuan Yang, Jing Liu, Ze Li, Jinglong Li

Corresponding Author

Jinglong Li


The ultrafine powder was obtained by ultrafine pulverization of pitpitas fruit and carrot, and the effects of fermentation temperature, raw material ratio and pulverized particle size on the brewing process of pitpitas fruit and carrot ultrafine powder were investigated by single factor experiment, and then the fermentation process was optimized by response surface analysis. The optimum fermentation process was determined as fermentation temperature 26 ℃, raw material ratio was 3∶5, and grinding particle size was 170 mesh. Under these conditions, the sensory score of ultrafine powder of dragon fruit and carrot was 88 points, and the alcohol content was 12.4% vol


Pitaya fruit, Ultrafine powder, Composite fruit wine, Response surface method