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Tranasformation of Ferulic Acid to 4-Vinylguaiacol by Microbiological Method

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DOI: 10.25236/isbsbh.2020.013


Haimeng Zhang, Chunhui Ji, Caijiao Chen, Yuiqian Cui

Corresponding Author

Yuiqian Cui


4-Vinylguaiacol (4-VG) is a kind of special flavor substance which widely exists in top-fermented beer, which has the characteristics of “smoky “and “clove “. It is usually produced by the decarboxylation of ferulic acid (FA) by thermal or decarboxylation of ferulic acid decarboxylase (Fdc1p). However, the activity of Fdc1p from yeast is low because of the restriction of beer fermentation conditions in china, so it is not enough to improve the overall taste of the top-fermented beer. To brew the top-fermented beer with unique flavor, smooth taste and good quality, we cloned a recombinant yeast strain with the best fermentation performance, named IYSBp. The content of 4-VG in the top-fermented beer brewed by IYSBp increased by 34%


Ferulic acid, 4-vinylguaiacol, Ferulic acid decarboxylase