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Study on the Relationship between Cooking Process and Nutrition

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DOI: 10.25236/isbsbh.2020.010


Jiao Wei

Corresponding Author

Jiao Wei


With the rapid social and economic development, the country's overall scientific and technological level has also improved, and state leaders have also proposed that society should develop in a scientific direction. Under the advocacy of this concept of development, the catering industry also needs to make certain optimizations and improvements to achieve a harmonious relationship between cooking technology and nutrition, so that the “scientific” development can be achieved to the greatest extent, so that between cooking technology and nutrition It can develop in a more balanced direction and improve the quality of food for the public. This article will combine the actual situation, analyze the internal relationship between cooking process and nutrition in detail, and propose improvement measures between cooking process and nutrition, in order to provide a valuable reference for future related work.


Relationship, Cooking process, Nutrition