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Research on Biopharmaceutical Equipment and Separation and Purification Technology Based on Antibody Drugs

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DOI: 10.25236/isbsbh.2020.007


Zongli Hu, Jie Chen, Xiaoping Huang

Corresponding Author

Zongli Hu


The broad market prospect of antibody drugs makes the research and development of such drugs gradually enter the peak period. It involves a wide range of technical fields, high research and development costs and a long period of time, which are also incomparable to general genetically engineered drugs. Conventional antibody separation and purification methods include salting out method, ultrafiltration method, chromatographic separation method, etc. At the same time, the study of antibody diversity and epitope groups is also an important way to reveal the immune mechanism of life. However, biopharmaceutical equipment is a very critical presence in the biopharmaceutical industry, so relevant equipment must be used for operation in order to carry out biopharmaceutical. Therefore, strengthening the maintenance and management of modern biopharmaceutical equipment can effectively promote the production benefits of modern biopharmaceutical enterprises and ensure the maximization of their economic benefits. In this paper, the biopharmaceutical equipment and separation and purification technology based on antibody drugs are studied.


Antibodies, Biopharmaceutical equipment, Separation and purification technology