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Research on Tai Chi Health Promotion from the Perspective of Meta Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/isbsbh.2020.003


Rong Siyu, Qi Yufei, Fu Siqian

Corresponding Author

Qi Yufei


Tai Chi health promotion research is a hot topic in traditional national sports in recent years, covering many aspects of sports medicine-based research. A search of Meta analysis literature related to the health promotion of tai chi by the Cochrane website revealed that relevant journal literature had appeared since June 2011, and by December 2019, there were only 7 literatures. The research was carried out based on the literature data method and logic analysis method, and the following conclusions were drawn: (1) In recent years, the new entry of Tai Chi health promotion research Point, getting smaller and deeper, from general epidemiological research to molecular biology and cognitive neuroscience, indicating that researchers are trying to find Tai Chi for health More fundamental factors. (2) The duration of most current research trials is not enough, the design of the trials is weak, and the input intervention and output volume of the trials are not uniform, resulting in a greatly reduced scientific test. (3) Future research suggests that extracting and analyzing the effective elements of movement in Tai Chi can not only guide the crowd more clearly, but also help solve the mystery of the effective mechanism of Tai Chi, and furthermore, the extracted the elements are effectively used in different sports training.


Meta-analysis, Tai Chi, health promotion, literature research