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CT Study of Pulmonary Fungal Infection Inhibition and Pulmonary Tumor

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DOI: 10.25236/isbsbh.2020.001


Xiaoning Luo, Yu Zhang

Corresponding Author

Xiaoning Luo


Objective: To investigate CT manifestations of pulmonary fungal infection in non-immunosuppressed population. Methods: A total of 30 cases of pulmonary fungal infection with CT imaging data were collected and sorted out. All cases were confirmed by more than 3 positive sputum cultures, and 15 cases were confirmed by surgery and pathology. CT diagnosis was made and its influential characteristics were summarized. Results: Among the 30 patients with confirmed pulmonary mycosis, 7 had bilateral lung lesions, mainly involving both lungs and the distribution of lung field zones. The lesions were lumpy in 8 cases, nodular and patchy in 4 cases and solid in 6 cases. CT manifestations of pulmonary fungal infection are usually a mixture of various types of images. Ground glass-like shadows and flaky shadows are the most common CT manifestations, accounting for 9 cases and 6 cases of nodular shadows respectively, 3 cases of “air crescent” sign and 1 case of thickening of lung texture. Conclusion: CT can effectively reflect the pathological changes of tumor-type pulmonary fungal infection, improve the accuracy of clinical diagnosis and treatment, and has definite effect, which is worthy of reference


Pulmonary fungal infection, Ct, Pulmonary tumor