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Research on the Influence of Chinese Traditional Culture and Folk Culture on Oil Painting Creation in the New Period Based on Comprehensive Materials

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2020.044


Yanhua Yin

Corresponding Author

Yanhua Yin


Oil painting is an artistic tool created by human beings and a way to express contemplation and emotion to the world with oil painting elements. Under the background of the current world economic integration and the so-called post-colonialism, cultural exchanges between different countries and nationalities in the world are more frequent. It is undoubtedly an important creative way to embody the localization of oil painting by making Chinese oil painting have distinct national characteristics and expressing the excellent folk culture in Chinese native culture with oil painting, which is a painting art form from the West. From the perspective of comprehensive materials, this paper analyzes the important influence of folk culture on contemporary oil painting creation by explaining the basic concepts and characteristics of Chinese traditional culture and folk culture. With the accelerating speed of Chinese cultural construction, Chinese oil painting should not only inherit traditional culture, but also absorb folk culture, thus showing the national spirit.


Comprehensive materials, Chinese traditional culture, Folk culture, Oil painting creation