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Analysis on Innovation and Improvement of Radio and Tv Choreographer in New Media Era

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2020.054


Yang Liu, Qiu Shang, Hao Ying

Corresponding Author

Yang Liu


Nowadays, Internet technology is booming, which not only impacts the development of China's radio and television media, but also brings great help to it. In the current situation, the rapid development of the Internet has also brought opportunities for the rapid development of various industries, subtly changing people's daily life. With the arrival of the new media era, mobile media technology has developed rapidly, and the close cooperation of multimedia has promoted the rapid development of information. Compared with the traditional single media, the maturity and development of mobile media technology, the interaction and cooperation of multimedia, and the rapid development of information and information put forward higher requirements for radio and television directors. If you want to adapt to the new era of radio and television editing and directing industry trends, in constant competition out of the stand, you must learn to innovate. This paper starts with the new development of radio and television programs in the new media era, combined with the impact of radio and television programs, discusses the innovation of radio and television directors in the new media era


The new media age, Radio and television director, Innovation