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“Peer Mediation” Mechanism and Practice

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2020.053


Cheng Zhang, Xin You

Corresponding Author

Cheng Zhang


Faced with the current situation of students' conflicts and campus bullying, this paper explains the mechanism of “peer mediation” and its practice in detail from the perspective of background, strategy, implementation process and effect. Through the development of “peer mediation”, students' conflicts and disputes can be solved at the very beginning, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of more intense conflicts and bullying. Participants can learn how to understand and how to communicate with each other; the whole class will become more harmonious and the school safety management will become easier. Through a series of training and practice to solve problems such as conflicts among students, “mediators” can acquire certain psychological knowledge and communication skills, exercise their ability to solve problems, and cultivate their sense of social participation and service


School bullying, Conflicts among students, Peer mediation, Mechanism