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A National Gift View of Preparations and Practice of Panda Hunting and Panda Diplomacy in the Republic of China

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2020.052


Hongyong Yang

Corresponding Author

Hongyong Yang


In the history of modern Chinese diplomacy, “Panda diplomacy” is the most unique way of Chinese diplomacy practices since the 1950s. Although pandas have been documented in the past dynasties of China, and archaeologists have also found a complete skull of giant pandas in the tomb of Empress Dowager Bo of the Western Han Dynasty, but this unique rare animal has not aroused our too much attention. It was not until Western naturalists and missionaries were attracted by the mysterious and peculiar regional natural scenery and human culture in the southwestern frontier, who rushed into this mysterious land to explore the world that had never been cherished, and accidentally discovered the enigmatic creature of “giant panda”, that the legendary history of the encounter between pandas and human beings for a hundred years was opened. In 1941, the giant panda was given to the United States as the highest standard of “national gift”, completing the first “panda diplomacy” in modern Chinese history. This paper will study the Preparations and practice of the first Panda Diplomacy to observe the history of pandas stepping into political waves from the deep mountains of Western Sichuan


National gift, Panda, Panda diplomacy