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Translation of Advertising in Cross-Cultural Background

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2020.045


Xingyu Chang

Corresponding Author

Xingyu Chang


This paper aims to explore how to achieve better advertising translation in a cross-cultural context. The paper consists of five parts. The first part is the introduction of current international economic situation and that of China, highlighting the increasingly important features of cross-cultural advertising translation. The second part analyses the factors that affect the translation process in the cross-cultural context from two major perspectives (geographical location and historical factors), reflecting the complexity of advertising translation in the cross-cultural context. In the third part, based on the consideration of the faithfulness of the original text, five kinds of translation methods are put forward. Among them, the re-create translation is an innovative created translation method after analysing the current social development trend; from the perspective of the cross-cultural background, the Skopos theory is proposed to test the translation results, and three principles of Skopos theory are introduced in details. At the end of this part, the changes of the current market and the new consumers’ psychology are analysed, the advocate for combining the cross-cultural advertising translation with consumers’ purchase psychology is advised, at the same time, introducing the contents of consumers’ purchase psychology in detail, explaining why the two should be combined and the expected effects, and finally providing practical advice about how to combine them


Cross-cultural context, Advertising translation, Translation methods, Skopos theory, Consumers’ purchase psychology