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Wang Fu's “Qian Fu Theory” Inheriting and Developing Han Fei's Thought

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2020.041


Chen Lin, Ma Shinian

Corresponding Author

Ma Shinian


Han Fei is a master of legalist thought, and Wang Fu is one of the most representative thinkers in the Eastern Han Dynasty. Because of the great similarity of the characteristics of the times they lived in, Wang Fu absorbed Han Fei's thoughts of rule of law and the art of governing the officials in order to save the country and the people, enrich the country and strengthen the army, and directly inherited and integrated them into his Confucianism based ideological system. At the same time, it can be seen that in terms of the theory of human nature, the shaping of human nature advocated by Wang Fu is a development of Han Fei's view of human nature seeking benefits and avoiding disadvantages. In the aspect of national education, the combination of morality and punishment is the development of Han Fei's teaching by law. On the economic front, 100 businesses were originally the development of Korea's non-agricultural business philosophy


Han fei, Wang fu, Ideological inheritance, Ideological development