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Research on the Dissemination Direction of Clean Government Culture in the Era of All Media

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2020.038


Xiaomeng Ji

Corresponding Author

Xiaomeng Ji


The formation and development of the all-media communication environment in the information society has unique cultural attributes. The change of the role and role of the main body of communication is a change of thinking in a deep sense. The value connotation of the socialist clean government culture with Chinese characteristics at different levels of politics, economy and spirit represents a rich social function. Under the all-media communication thinking, the improvement of the communication effect of a clean government culture depends on the innovation of the communication carrier and the reform of the cultivation method and communication paradigm. To a great extent, the realization of the value of an honest culture can further promote the benign development of communication culture in the era of all media


Dissemination direction, Clean government culture, Era of all media