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Study on the Space-Time and Ethnicity Identity of Yao Ceremony Music in Nanling Corridor

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2020.034


Tianhui Zhang, Qiaowei Li

Corresponding Author

Tianhui Zhang


This article studies the impact of contemporary social changes on Yao's traditional ritual music and ethnic characteristics. On the one hand, to pray for the year of the disaster, the Yao people adhered to taboos, continued to use traditional ritual music to worship their ancestors, and continued ethnicity in order; a form of dispelling witchcraft appears, and there is still an interactive relationship between the “reproduced” music and ethnic expression in this recreating context. The interpretation of the double change phenomenon is also a reflection on the “revival” of ethnic traditional music brought about by the protection of intangible cultural heritage


Ceremony music, Nanling corridor yao, Ethnic identify