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A Brief Analysis on the Application of Minimalism in Book Cover Design ——A case study on Zhihong Wang the new-generation designer in Taiwan

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DOI: 10.25236/iclla.2017.46


Zuo Guohua

Corresponding Author

ZUO Guohua


As with a unique style of design yielding the spirits of the times, minimalism has been highly advocated by many designers in the binding design of contemporary books, enjoying social penetration among the masses. Rather than making simple exclusion of the contents, minimalism requires the designers to take the essences and discard the dregs, that is, to refine and sublimate the contents for further creativity and presentation with a thorough understanding on the theme of design. Only in this way, can they be able to introduce a new visual feast to the audiences. Though there are certain discussions on the application of minimalism in the binding design of books at present, detailed and in-depth case studies are yet to fulfill. This paper will present a case study of the book cover design by Zhihong Wang, the famous new-generation designer in Taiwan, to elaborate the application of minimalism in the book cover design in the light of text, graphics and color design as an attempt to enhance deeper understanding of people on the elements of minimalism in book cover design.


Minimalism, Cover Design, Text, Graphics.