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Religion Competition in the Mongol-Yuan Period

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2020.030


Cui Yan

Corresponding Author

Cui Yan


In history, nomadic people in the Mongolian Plateau and farming people in the Central Plains communicated and exchanged with each other, thus forming our country. In the 13th century, Mongolia established its position as the ruler of the world, so it was urgent to choose a new thought to replace the Shamanism which was no longer suitable for Mongolia. The Mongolian Plateau became the communication bridge between the Central Plains and Eurasia. Different religions and sects sent envoys to the tent of Mongolian king one after another. Tibetan Buddhism joined in the competition as another branch of Buddhism and gradually stood out. Finally, it developed and grew up with the strong political and economic support of the Mongolians, and gradually changed Mongolians' mindset of over expansionism, thus establishing the territory of China today


Mongolia, Tibetan Buddhism, Religion competition