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The Historical Evolution of Russia's External Cultural Policies and Enlightenment

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2020.029


Sai Wu

Corresponding Author

Sai Wu


External culture has a great influence on the development of a country. In history, Russia's policy towards external culture has experienced the evolution from the open and learning policy mode, to the cultural regulation mode and the compound policy mode. The model of open and learning policy in the imperial period changed the backward situation of Russia. But due to the limitations of the historical system, it caused greater cultural division among social strata. The policy mode of cultural regulation in the Soviet Union period embodies the unity of national will and the political system, but the strict and rigid cultural regulation is not conducive to the healthy development of culture. It is an inevitable trend for Russia to adopt the compound model in external cultural policies. The external cultural policy should seek the consistency of the whole country and the society, and maintain balance in all aspects


Cultural policy, Russia, External culture