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Analysis on the Current Situation and Hot Spots of Internet Game Addiction Research in China and Abroad (1990-2020)

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2020.028


Shengnan Pang, Na Cui

Corresponding Author

Shengnan Pang


This paper focuses on domestic and international literature review on Internet game addiction researches. It uses R language to analyze high-yield researchers who study Internet game addiction, the cooperation between countries in this research, as well as the concurrence and clustering of high-frequency keywords, and summarizes hot spots and trends of Internet game addiction research in China and abroad. The key of this paper is to analyze the original data, find out hidden information, and pay close attention to the research hotspots in this field. The research shows that the whole world pays attention to the research of Internet game addiction, but the focuses of domestic and foreign researches are different. Foreign research focuses on the theoretical review of Internet game addiction, while domestic research focuses on the psychological and medical analysis of the harm of Internet game addiction as well as the prevention and treatment of the disease. The paper points out the direction for the future research of Internet game addiction in China


Internet game addiction, R language, Bibliometrics, Research hotspots