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Research on Further Promoting Multiple Elderly Care Service under the Novel Covid-19 Pandemic

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2020.027


Yang Bai, Jingwei Zhang, Wei Guo, Jinrong Yang

Corresponding Author

Yang Bai


The novel coronavirus has created a short-term strike to China’s Elderly Care Service, despite numerous methods that the government and society have taken, this sector of service still faced plenty problems during the COVID 19 epidemic. For instance, elderly mental health problem rose and the elderlies did not receive sufficient daily care protection, there was even a shortage of daily supply for them. In order to promote long-term control measures towards the epidemic to satisfy the urgent needs of the elderlies and allowing the current elderly service’s stable development, this essay will be making recommendations on 3 aspects: 1) Perform health care & psychological counselling service simultaneously 2) Satisfying the basic daily essentials of elderlies 3) Cooperation of different parties, confirming that proper needs are well taken care of.


Covid-19 pandemic, Elderly homes, Home-based elderly, Elderly care service,