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Review and Reflection on the Local Research of Social Adaptation of Migrant Children in China

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2020.017


Qing Qin, Jingwei Guo, Ying Qin

Corresponding Author

Ying Qin


The paper examines and reviews research on social adaptation of rural- urban migrant children in China in the past 30 years from several aspects such as clarification of key concepts, theories and methods used by the study, the main contents and conclusions of the research. Based on the review, the paper reflects on the research in this field in China, and presents the direction of future research. The main reflections embody in: to promote the development of social adaptation theory on the basis of empirical research, and to form an integrated theory system of social adaptation of migrant children; to develop effective evaluation methods of social adaptation, including the establishment of a relatively consistent index measurement system; to expand the countermeasures and practical research of social adaptation interventions; and to construct a research framework for social adaptation.


Migrant children, Social adaptation, Research reflection, China