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Laos Phongsaly Tea Cross-Border Agriculture Culture Dissemination and Interaction Study

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2020.013


Jingwei Guo, Qing Qin

Corresponding Author

Jingwei Guo


Cross-border agriculture, which is the main content of cross-border cultivation, is becoming an important foundation for Chinese agriculture to “go out” and is an important field of interaction between “two markets” and “two resources”. Tea, as a traditional economic crop of Yunnan agriculture, has been planted in Phongsaly county of northern Laos, where possesses superior natural resource but inferior the agricultural technology level. It has not only promoted agricultural technology improvement and modernization of Laos, but also prompted us to reflect on China's agriculture development, especially The Development of Yunnan Plateau Specialty Agriculture. This paper aims to explore the effective implementation of cross-border agricultural cooperation and explore how to implement the construction of “One Belt, One Road” in the field of agriculture, so as to provides case studies for constructing ecological security and the harmonious frontier.


Cross-border agriculture, Phongsaly tea, Cultural interaction