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Rethinking the Wind Won’t Blow It All Away from the Perspective of Spiritual Ecologism

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2020.012


Yuehan Hu

Corresponding Author

Yuehan Hu


Richard Brautigan is an American author who is renowned for his ecological writing. By analyzing and integrating the previous research, this paper find that many scholars have affirmed Brautigan's attempt of ecological protection, and pointed out his desire for natural life, and his criticisms to the rising industrial society. The conclusions of these scholars are similar. They tend to talk about nature itself and ignore the relationship between nature and human beings. Therefore, there are still some blanks in the research on the topic of the interaction between nature and human beings. Because of that, this thesis will use the concept of spiritual circle introduced by the French scholar Claude Alegre, the special circle means the spirit of human and nature are closely related and influence each other like an annular closed chain. Based on this definition, I will analyze the novel The Wind Won’t Blow It All Away. First of all, this paper will investigate a lot of characters who have spiritual crisis because of the erosion of nature caused by the industry society. Secondly, this paper will analyze the deconstruction of the natural scenery by industrialization and its dwindling rural implications which are mentioned many times in the story, to reveal the nature and the function of the human connection with each other. From that, we can tell that Brautigan is an author who has a strong sense of spiritual circle and pays attention to the fate of human existence.


Spiritual Ecologism, Brautigan