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The Countermeasures Analysis of Northeast China's Participation in the Construction of "Polar silk road" Between China and Russian

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2020.004


Zhang Fan, Zhang Rong

Corresponding Author

Zhang Fan


The construction of the "Polar Silk Road" is a concrete extension of the "one belt and one road" new thinking of China's open economic development, and it is also a new strategy for the current multi polarization development of the economy. The Sino-Russian co-construction of the "Polar Silk Road" opened a channel for the Northeast to connect with the European economy, and also provided new opportunities and challenges for the economic reform and innovation in the Northeast. China and Russia have been committed to the development of inter-regional economic and trade cooperation. The Northeast China has combined with the development of its own economy, and proposed to improve the modern spatial layout and regional coordination mechanism, deepen the adjustment of industrial structure and integrate into the construction of the "Polar Silk Road". The implementation of these measures will help to upgrade the industrial structure of Northeast China and enhance its ability to participate in the international division of labor and global economic activities.


Ice Silk Road, Northeast China, open economy