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A Probe into the Inevitability of the Battle of Dafeichuan Between Tang and Tubo

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2020.002


Li Wenping

Corresponding Author

Li Wenping


The historical documents are used to discuss the inevitability of the war between Tang and Tubo, and the important position of Tuyuhun and the political and ethical analysis under the tribute system of the Tang Dynasty, revealing the strategic intention of the Tang Dynasty to send troops to Tuyuhun. Tuyuhun is located on the main route of the Silk Road and is rich in various metals. Along with Longxi, Jincheng, Pingliang and Tianshui counties, Tuyuhun was an important source of Tang Dynasty war horses. If this war is won, it will not only relieve the siege of the four towns in Anxi, but also relieve the strategic pressure in Hexi.Through sorting out the political relations among Tang, Tubo and Tuyuhun, this paper presents the struggle for living space between Tang and Tubo under the cover of political ethics of "rise from the ashes".


Battle of Dafeichuan, Tang and Tubo