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The Road to Serfdom and Liberalism in Hayek's Eyes

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2020.001


Yuyi Ni

Corresponding Author

Yuyi Ni


According to Hayek's book The Road to Serfdom, this article discusses and comments Hayek's liberal views. The Road to Serfdom was written in 1944. Its ideological content is not only influenced by the background of the industrial revolution, the Second World War, socialist thoughts and other times, but also has Hayek's own educational experience, growth process and the shadow of his thoughts of teachers and friends. Hayek's liberalism thought is negative freedom, deeply impressed by Berlin and others, and has a certain correction effect on the positive freedom view of the society at that time. Hayek also talked about the relationship between freedom, responsibility and the rule of law, thus constructing the main framework of his freedom view. The road to Serfdom is Hayek's achievement of social reflection and prediction at that time, and it is also the peak of Hayek's works. It is of great significance to study Hayek and his thoughts by studying this book.


The Road to Serfdom Hayek, Liberalism