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On the Structural Techniques of “a Personal Matter”

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2020.041


Jian Tao

Corresponding Author

Jian Tao


A Personal Matter” (1964), the representative work of Kenzaburo Oe , revealed the complicated attitude of the protagonist “bird” towards the infant with congenital deformity with new novel structural techniques. With the main structural techniques of “absurd realism image system”, daily and practical language “Defamiliarization” expression and “Parody”, the work is full of rich and exquisite style to depict the weakness and advantages of human nature of “bird” in the postmodern environment in the text and dualism of other characters on the stage. Through the study of the structure of this work, we can not only look at the unique style of masterpiece structure, but also interpret the characteristics of modern Japanese literature and international writing in the post-modern transformation


Kenzaburo oe, “a personal matter”, Structural techniques