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Application of Oriental Visual Language in Graphic Design

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2020.036


Yanjun Yang, Aili Wang

Corresponding Author

Yanjun Yang


Chinese culture is extensive and profound, and the oriental visual language also has profound cultural details. At present, eastern visual language is increasingly used in design and becomes an important design element in the hands of designers, and the thought of eastern visual language is embodied and expressed in it. Language is the carrier of human thoughts and feelings. It has both material form and spiritual content. The visual language of graphic design, like other perceptual languages, is also the objective existence of human perception. Graphic design is an important design category in art design. Design comes from life, of course, design can not be separated from social and cultural living environment. Oriental visual language has rich content and various forms of expression. This paper discusses how to combine the spiritual core of the Oriental visual language with the modern graphic design concept in the art design, and how to find the combination of the traditional and modern, so as to design excellent design works with both national style and modern concept


Visual language, Graphic design, Traditional chinese culture