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Application and Research Direction of Digital Media Art in Public Art Field

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2020.035


Wang Ting, Li Nannan

Corresponding Author

Wang Ting


The progress of society has led to the progress of many industries and the development of economic education. In addition, people will also have new psychological needs. Besides material needs, they also need spiritual needs for development. With the advent of the digital media era, public art is no longer limited to the original art form, and people have entered the information age. The use of digital media enriches the language of contemporary art, broadens the artistic thinking, affects the theme, form and significance of creation, and more importantly, it causes people to further change their understanding of art. In the era of digital media, public art embraces the concept of digital media and uses digital media technology, which brings new vitality to itself. At present, in the urban public art design, digital information technology is widely promoted and applied under the guidance of modern science and technology, and plays an important role in the stable operation and development of the city


Digital media, Public art, Artistic language