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Research and Practice on Compilation Strategies of English Learning Dictionaries from the Perspective of Cognitive Linguistics

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2020.034


Zeng Ya, Xiao Haiyan, Zuo Chuanguo

Corresponding Author

Zeng Ya


Cognitive linguistics studies the relationship between language and cognition. In the process of compiling dictionaries for English as a second language learners, the research results of cognitive linguistics have not been fully valued and applied. Based on the basic theory of cognitive linguistics, this paper takes learners as the center, fully considers the cognitive rules and cognitive characteristics of learners, and compiles dictionaries by constructing the internal connection of vocabulary and exploring the cognitive motivation of semantic development. Through comparative tests, it is shown that English learner's dictionaries that fully consider learners' cognitive characteristics can better promote learners' long-term vocabulary memory efficiency


Cognitive linguistics, English dictionary, Compilation strategy