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An Analysis of the Audio-Visual Language of “Chinese Entertainment” in the Movie “the Boys from Fengkuei”

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2020.032


Fan Zizhen

Corresponding Author

Fan Zizhen


The Boys from Fengkuei, directed by Hou Hsiao-hsien, is a Chinese film that creates a unique aesthetic style and has influenced several generations of Chinese filmmakers. “Playing Mahjong” is a small passage in the middle of the story development of “The Boys from Fengkuei” and is a classic presentation of audio-visual language of “Chinese Entertainment”. This clip tells the scene that Ah Rong came to the city to find his sister and met his brother-in-law and several women playing mahjong. It shows the scene of a simple rural teenager entering the city for the first time and colliding with his heart. The artistic features of the audio-visual language in this segment are distinctive, and it focuses on Hou xiaoxian's audio-visual rules and methods. in particular, the different characters and psychology of the characters are well interpreted through the combination of various symbols such as mid-range composition, fixed position, long-range language, life-like performance, dialect sound design, etc. This paper, from the perspective of the split mirror language, scene scheduling and logical structure, briefly analyzes and discusses the creation style and methods of film audio-visual language, in order to study and refine the law of film audio-visual language, and provide reference value for the development and study of film


Audio-visual language, Long lens, Local, Artistic style