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Research on Putonghua Promotion and Dialect Culture Protection in Guanzhong Region

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2020.030


Tang Mi, Xiang Ying, Wang Cong

Corresponding Author

Tang Mi


The Guanzhong region has a profound historical and cultural background, and the promotion of Putonghua has brought great convenience to the economic development and cultural exchange in the region. As a living fossil of local social life, Guanzhong dialect culture needs to seek a dynamic balance between its promotion and Putonghua. On the basis of discussing the relationship between Guanzhong dialect and Guanzhong dialect culture, and according to the survey of the language use of Guanzhong residents, this study finds that the promotion of local mandarin has certain restrictions on the inheritance of dialect culture. From the aspects of perfecting policies, coordinating the promotion of Putonghua and the protection of dialect culture, promoting cultural inheritance and strengthening linguistic scientific investigation, this paper puts forward targeted strategies for the protection of dialect culture in the region


Promotion of putonghua, Guanzhong dialect, Language survey, Cultural protection