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A Study of Color Expression Voice in Imagery Oil Painting

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2020.022


Lin Bizhu

Corresponding Author

Lin Bizhu


The artistic language of image oil painting is very unique, combining both the inherent charm of traditional Chinese painting and the external expression of western oil painting. The color expression language in the imagery oil painting can well convey the artistic spirit and cultural symbols in the oil painting, and is an extremely important visual form voice in the oil painting art work. The color expression language of the imagery oil painting has rich emotional characteristic elements. It carries many different regional cultural attributes and profound emotional connotation. As the soul language in a painting, color can fully express the author's inner emotions. This article will briefly analyze the concept and meaning of imagery color, the voice characteristics of color expression in imagery oil painting, and put forward the expression of color imagery in image oil painting.


Imagery oil painting, Color expression, Voice research