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Research Value of Phonetic Historical Materials from the View of Special Phonetic Annotations in Shangshu Shiyin

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2020.021


Lyu Shengnan

Corresponding Author

Lyu Shengnan


Dong Chong, Raozhou, Jiangxi, Northern Song Dynasty, wrote the book Shangshu Shiyin, which had some special phonetic annotations and created a method of phonetic notation named Fan Qie. These phonetic notations largely reflect the real pronunciation of Chinese characters in the Northern Song Dynasty. Through the study of the initial consonant characteristics reflected from the special phonetic annotations in Shangshu Shiyin, and the comparison of phonetic materials in the same state and modern dialect, it is concluded that the real initial characteristics reflected from these special phonetic annotations are in accord with modern Jiangxi dialect. This shows that the special phonetic annotations of Dong Chong's Shangshu Shiyin is on the basis of Jiangxi modern dialect in Song Dynasty, and some initial characteristics of Modern Gan dialect in Jiangxi of Song Dynasty had already appeared.


Shangshu shiyin, Special phonetic annotations, Jiangxi dialect, Initial consonant characteristics