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Analogy between East and West Interior Decoration Art Contexts

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2020.018


Jing Pan

Corresponding Author

Jing Pan


Terminology there is no unified art theory, there is no uniform design techniques, often derived from the designers to understand the concept of a certain art, and ultimately put into practice in interior design. The interior design of contextual arts represents the aesthetic tendency of academic researchers at the aesthetic level, and even shoulders the task of reforming interior design style with designers. Abstract interior design work is not easy to understand, but I do not criticize the Abstract design work. This artistic context stresses the beauty of space. When we carry out interior design, we use the open plan as the starting point for design, admitting a position that accepts the subject and then creating a positional relationship with the entity. We combine the data mining technology and big data model to conduct the theoretical analysis. In the future, the more related research will be done.


Analogy, East-west, Interior art, Context