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A Study on Differences between Chinese and English Based on Linguistic Environment Factors

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2020.017


Jin Zhang

Corresponding Author

Jin Zhang


A nation's tradition and culture shape its unique thinking mode, which is inevitably reflected in its language. It is very important for English learners that the expression of English language is completely different from that of Chinese, especially in the process of reading English and communicating in English in real life. In the past, English teaching always focused on the acquisition of language structure and language ability, and cultural teaching was often neglected. Because of the different geographical environment, historical culture and other factors, Chinese and English use their own unique ways to understand and transform the world, forming their own unique national language system. This paper analyzes the cultural differences between Chinese and English, the learning behavior of English learners and the influence of English teachers' teaching behavior on English learning.


English teaching, Cultural differences, Language environment