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Application Analysis of Optical Illusion Based on Components in Interior Design

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2020.015


Wenting Xie

Corresponding Author

Wenting Xie


The expansion of visual information makes conventional design methods unable to meet people's growing visual feelings. Therefore, a unique artistic expression is needed to embody the brand-new value of interior design. As a branch of visual perception, optical illusion is one of the forms of expression of unique art, and its application in daily life is not uncommon. As a special feeling in vision, optical illusion is a common visual phenomenon. It has gradually become a kind of visual art instead of mere visual psychological perception. Designers must fully understand and dialectically deal with all kinds of visual illusions when carrying out interior decoration design, and then consider the requirements of architecture and decoration, and flexibly use visual illusions. This paper mainly describes how to use the design strategies and techniques of vision and light illusion to obtain the best applicable state and emotional experience without redesigning or destroying the building structure.


Visual information, Optical illusion, Interior design