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Research on the Communication Value of Clothing Performance Based on Aesthetics

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2020.013


Meichen Liu

Corresponding Author

Meichen Liu


Costume performance represents a forecast of a fashion trend, in which the fashion trend of this kind of costume is continuously imitated and spread, then people begin to follow the fashion. When a garment is displayed, it can not only bring people visual enjoyment, but also help people to deepen their understanding of the garment and make better use of the garment to show their own advantages and hide their own shortcomings. Costume aesthetics's artistic practice makes the basic theory of aesthetics more practical, increases the operability of cognition, and gives it the opportunity to test its reliability and truth in practice. From the perspective of aesthetics, this article focuses on exploring the dissemination value of costume performance.


Costume aesthetics, Clothing performance, Dissemination value