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Analysis on the Application and Performance of “Symphonic” Thinking of Double Piano

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2020.010


Wu Jie

Corresponding Author

Wu Jie


“Symphonic”playing thinking is integrated into the performance of double piano works, which is a deep exploration of the double piano playing method at the aesthetic level. Taking Tchaikovsky's double piano work Flower Dance as an example, this thesis explores the symphonic thinking characteristics of the double piano works in three aspects: explores the timbre attributes by excavating the range characteristics of the voice, clarifies the communication and dialogue among the musical instruments, and controls the changes in the level of dynamics. The thesis also suggests that adding innovative playing methods and various timbre changes in the performance and simulating the performance of different instruments in the band will enhance the artistic appeal of the works.


Double piano, “symphonic” thinking