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Analysis of Language Landscape in Minority Areas Based on Domain Correlation

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2020.008


Lingyan Niu

Corresponding Author

Lingyan Niu


As a carrier and medium for displaying information, language signs are visible in today's real world. Language is a sign of national identity. The emergence of minority languages in the language landscape can directly help members of the ethnic group to construct positive national identity. The study of public language signs in urban areas has become the research interest of many scholars all over the world, and gradually developed into the study of language landscape in a certain area now. Chuxiong Yi ancient town is a scenic spot located in minority areas. Based on the domain correlation analysis of its language landscape, this paper explores the characteristics of multilingual language use in tourist attractions in minority areas in order to promote the development of tourism in minority areas.


Ethnic minorities, Language landscape, Tourist attractions, Multilingual