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Application of visual communication in interior design

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2020.007


Jing He

Corresponding Author

Jing He


Visual communication, as a factor affecting the fashion and artistry of interior design, is known as the soul of interior design, and the law of form as a basic principle to guide interior design has become an important factor affecting the visual communication of interior design. Understanding the relationship between visual communication and formal laws, as well as the role and influence of the two in interior design, can be better applied to the practice of interior design. There are four aspects of visual communication, namely pattern, color, layout and text. These four elements have a high utilization rate in interior design. To realize the due value of interior design, it is necessary for living appliances to reach the general level of people. Aesthetic. The combination of visual communication and interior design can expand the scope of application of visual communication, and also improve the level of interior design. The combination of the two can promote the rapid development of the design industry.


Interior design, Visual communication, Formal laws