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An analysis of the effect of English language and literature on students' language ability from a multidimensional perspective

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2020.002


Jingjing Zhang

Corresponding Author

Jingjing Zhang


at present, the trend of globalization makes the relations between countries in the world more closely. In order to make our country better participate in the process of globalization, English plays a more and more important role in our overall education system. At the same time, the continuous progress of the new curriculum reform puts forward higher requirements for students' English ability. English language and literature, as the organic integration of English language habits and basic knowledge, contains a variety of language and culture. Therefore, teachers need to analyze English language and literature from a multi-dimensional perspective and give full play to its positive role in the cultivation of students' language ability.


Multidimensional perspective, English language and literature, students' language ability