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A Study on the Transformation of Preschool Teachers and the Curriculum Construction of Preschool Education in China

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.158


Zheng Yuan, Cai Long

Corresponding Author

Zheng Yuan


In the current social field, people pay more attention to children's basic education, and the content of early childhood education is also expanding. There are some similarities between the traditional preschool education and other normal education, but there are essential differences between the current basic education for children and the subject education. Therefore, the personnel training mode similar to the subject education has obvious inadaptability in the current field of preschool education. This paper probes into the transformation of preschool education and the construction of preschool education curriculum in China Discussion has practical significance for promoting the development of preschool education in China


Transformation of preschool teachers, Preschool education major, Curriculum construction