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How to Realize the Educational Function of Ancient Chinese Teaching under the Background of Course-Based Moral Education

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.156


Chen Rui

Corresponding Author

Chen Rui


This article mainly focused on how to give play to the educational function of Ancient Chinese teaching in colleges and universities under the background of moral education. Teaching is the main way by which the moral education courses in colleges and universities implement the political thoughts and educational policies of the Communist Party of China. In the contemporary education system of China, “foster character and civic virtue” is the most basic educational concept. Moral education should not only be realized through professional ideological and moral courses, but also infiltrate in other courses. “Ancient Chinese” is a compulsory course and also a basic course for majors of Chinese Language and Literature. This course system contains profound moral education ideas. In the context of course-based moral education, “Ancient Chinese” in colleges and universities should effectively play the role of educating students. Based on the development of the new era, it should be integrated with modern moral elements to highlight the significance of education. Educators engaged in ancient Chinese teaching should also follow the development trend of the times, link moral education with daily teaching and continuously strive to cultivate high-quality Chinese language talents in the new era


Course-based moral education, Ancient chinese, Education function