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The Discussion on College English Course Design and Teaching Practice Based on Obe

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.154


Wei Zhou

Corresponding Author

Wei Zhou


In the process of deepening the reform of higher education, college English teaching concepts and talent training models must also be changed dynamically. In the past, teacher preaching accounted for a relatively high proportion in college English classroom teaching, and students' learning initiative was not fully reflected. No matter the problems encountered in learning, or some good suggestions and ideas, they could not get timely feedback. Although the students possess some theoretical knowledge, the ability to use English is poor. The education model based on learning output (OBE) puts more emphasis on “learning output”, which has a higher degree of agreement with the current concept of college English application ability education. This article first outlines the connotation of the OBE education concept and its impact on the college English teaching model, and then briefly analyzes the course design and teaching practice based on college English


Obe, College english, Course design, Teaching practice