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Analysis on the Situation of the Cooperative Development of Sports Event Tourism between Yunnan and Countries in Southeast Asia and South Asia

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.153


Peipei Yang, Huaiwen Shi

Corresponding Author

Peipei Yang


Using the research methods of literature and situation analysis, this paper analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of cooperative development of Yunnan, Southeast Asian and South Asian countries in sports event tourism, and concludes that under the correct guidance of the government, the tourism department and sports department should work out a scientific long-term development plan, and develop sports event tourism projects with characteristics of both sides. The Beijing Winter Olympic Games can be taken as an opportunity to increase the publicity of sports event tourism in Southeast Asia and South Asia. They also need to actively organize and bid for large-scale international and domestic sports events and cultivate professional sports tourism talents, so as to promote the cooperative development between Yunnan, Southeast Asia and South Asia in tourism


Sports events, Tourism cooperation, Situation analysis