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Based on the Empirical Analysis of the Factors Influencing Ipo Discount Rate in Shanghai Stock Market

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.151


Huijie Xu

Corresponding Author

Huijie Xu


In view of the capital market IPO discount, common seen in early 2010 - the end of 2018 on the data of listed companies on the Shanghai stock market as sample, in comprehensive consideration on the first day, the waiting period, p/e ratio and so on six big influence factors, using the least squares multiple regression method to solve these variables to explain the influence of (yield) on the first day. The results show that the first day turnover rate, lottery rate, p/E ratio and issue size have a significant impact on the first day yield, and the first day turnover rate is positively correlated with IPO discount, while the other three are negatively correlated


Ipo discount, Multiple regression, the shanghai stock market