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The Teaching Design of English Wisdom Class in Higher Vocational Education under the Era of Education Information

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.144


Jinfeng Liu, Qin Guo

Corresponding Author

Jinfeng Liu


In the context of wisdom education, the “Internet + teaching” model has emerged, which can not only improve the efficiency of classroom teaching, but also exercise the thinking ability of learners, broaden the knowledge of learners, and build a complete knowledge system. Informatization education has completely changed the traditional “indoctrination”, “based on the subject” and “question tactics” teaching mode, but more attention is paid to stimulating learners' subjective initiative, guiding learners to explore problems independently, and setting them in accordance with the physical and mental development of learners Regular teaching plan, so that every learner can keep up with the teaching progress. This article explores the teaching design of smart English teaching in higher vocational colleges in the information age, and hopes to provide some reference.


Education, Informatization, Vocational colleges, English teaching, Smart classrooms