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Research on the Connotation and Practice Path of the Construction of Dormitory Civilization in Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.137


Lina Du

Corresponding Author

Lina Du


In the environment of colleges and universities, student dormitories are the most crucial place for students to study and live, and the place where students have the most extended daily activities. The construction of civilized dormitory is of great significance for promoting the healthy growth of college students' body and mind, building a safe and harmonious campus, and promoting the development of campus culture. Therefore, the internalization of socialist core values should be based on the construction of dormitory civilization. Explores the connotation of dormitory civilization construction in the new era, and analyzes the challenges faced by the current dormitory civilization construction. Finally, it expounds the practical path of college dormitory civilization construction from seven aspects: perfecting hardware measures, strengthening team construction, and scientifically assigning dormitory.


Dormitory, Civilization construction, Connotation, Practice path