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Investigation and Study on Medical Students' Fear of Experimental Animals under the Background of Cultivating Applied Talents

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.136


Xingang Cui, Jianzhi Wang, Weidong Song, Yaxin Sun

Corresponding Author

Yaxin Sun


This paper studies the psychological state of students in animal experiments, and finds out disadvantageous factors that affect students in animal experiments, so as to quell students' fear and improve the quality of animal experiment teaching. The study finds that most of the students fear of animal experiments, and there are differences between genders and majors. Students who have experienced slaughter have different pressure degrees from those who have not. There are differences between genders in the reasons for opposing animal experiments, but there is no difference between majors. There is no difference in the origin of fear in animal experiments. Starting from problems existing in experiments, we carry out in-depth research, adopt the methods of increasing class hours and replacing with animal models to find out solutions and put forward teaching reform plans, in order to improve the teaching methods of animal experiment courses.


Animal experiment, Questionnaire, Fear, Stress