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Research on Children's Creative Thinking

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2020.135


Aili Wang, Yanjun Yang

Corresponding Author

Aili Wang


With the diversified development of society, in order to meet the requirements of the times, the society's requirements for talents are getting higher and higher, which makes the depth, breadth and width of talent training has to face continuous challenges. When the slogan “Creative China” was eagerly proposed, people were constantly introspecting. In fact, innovative consciousness is cultivated from an early age. As a successor of socialism, children and children are the leading group for future social development. Naturally, they are the key to shouldering the mission of “Creative China”. The fundamental purpose of children's art education. What's more worth mentioning is that the comprehensive discipline of children's art education plays a very important role in talent training, and it also plays a role in mobilizing children's enthusiasm and increasing children's sense of participation in other courses. Therefore, based on the current state of art education, the author uses literature as a theoretical basis to try to analyze the impact and role of art education on creative thinking, physical and mental development, emotional intelligence and other aspects of children’s growth during the process of graphic creativity. The actual case summarizes the application effect of graphic creation in the actual teaching of children's art, and puts forward some of its own reflections for the current children's art education industry and institutions or practitioners participating in the children's art education cause for reference


Children education, Art learning, Creative thinking